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Student[Calculus1][IntTutor] - solve an integration problem step-by-step

Calling Sequence

IntTutor(f, var)

IntTutor(f, var=a..b)




(optional) algebraic expression in one variable var



(optional) variable or integration

a, b


(optional) endpoints of interval on which the integral is taken



The IntTutor(f) command launches a tutor interface that solves the integration of f with respect to var step-by-step. If f is either an expression of the form Int(g, ...) or a call int(g, ...) that Maple returns unevaluated, the tutor solves the integration of g.


If f is not specified, IntTutor uses a default function.


If var is not specified, the integration is performed with respect to one of the variables used in f.


When the tutor is closed, the solution steps displayed in the tutor are re-displayed in the worksheet, with annotations showing the rules applied.  Note that this a display only and is not a value which can be further manipulated from within the worksheet.  The value returned from the tutor, which can be used (for example, by referencing its equation label), is the state of the problem at the time the tutor was closed.






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