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MapleSim[Multibody][BuildExpression] - obtain kinematic and dynamic expressions from a MapleSim/Multibody model module


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Calling Sequence



MSimMultibodyModel - Maple module of a system created using the BuildEQs command or retrieved from a MapleSim/Multibody store file (`.lib`) using the GetModel command.


Important: The BuildExpression command has been deprecated. Use the templates in the MapleSim templates folder to analyze your model instead. For more information, see Opening MapleSim Templates.

The BuildExpression command opens a window that allows you to generate and work with frame transformation equations (based on the frame names that were used when you created the model), built-in MapleSim/Multibody functions, and functions and expressions that are specific to the model components. Note: If none of the model components have component-specific functions, this option is not available.


The BuildExpression command opens the following window. The available actions, indicated by the buttons at the bottom of the window, are described below.

Build Expression

Generates the requested expression or procedure and assigns it to the name indicated in the Expression/Procedure Details section of the window.  The expression or procedure is then available in the worksheet when the window is closed.


View Expression

Generates the requested expression or procedure and displays it in a new window. A sample is shown below.


Preview Code

Opens a new window displaying the code that is executed when you click Build Expression. You can copy and paste this code into a Maple worksheet.  Note:  MapleSim/Multibody ignores any changes made to the code displayed in this window.



Opens this help page in the Maple help browser.


Important: The BuildExpression command has been deprecated. Use the templates in the MapleSim document folder to analyze your model instead.

The example below shows an embedded MapleSim model of a planar slider-crank mechanism. In this example, the embedded component name is Simulation0 and the model name is SliderCrank.


Analyzing system...

Performing constraint analysis...

The system has 1 degree(s) of freedom. It is modeled using 3 generalized coordinate(s) coupled by 2 algebraic constraint(s).

Peforming a dynamic analysis using an augmented Lagrange formulation - system variables shown below:

Dynamic analysis complete.



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