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Controlling the Editability of Documents and Tables

You can protect the content in a document from changes by marking either the entire document or a table within the document as noneditable.


Editable and Noneditable Documents

Editable and Noneditable Tables

Editable and Noneditable Documents

When a document is marked as noneditable, any existing content in that document cannot be modified. A natural use of this mode is for interactive documents built from embedded components, because a noneditable document can be thought of as in "player-mode": the content can be viewed and any embedded components will work.  It is not possible to add or delete content in a noneditable document.

To prevent changes to a worksheet, ensure the worksheet is noneditable:


In the status bar at the bottom of the Maple window, clear the Editable check box.

To change any part of a worksheet, ensure the worksheet is editable:


In the status bar at the bottom of the Maple window, select the Editable check box(  ).

Editable and Noneditable Tables

Tables can also be marked as editable or noneditable. After a table has been marked noneditable, any content within the table cannot be modified. It is not possible to add new rows or columns or to add new content such as embedded components to the table cells or to run computations within the table. Existing interactive embedded components inside of the table will continue to work.

To prevent changes to a table, mark the table as noneditable:


Using the Context Panel, in the Table Properties, clear the Editable check box. You can also access this from the Table menu, under Properties.

To enable editing of the table:


Check the Editable check box.

This property can also be controlled programmatically.  For more information on table properties, see Table Properties using DocumentTools.


Note: The editable property for tables is independent of the document editability, although, if a document is marked as noneditable, tables within it cannot be edited.

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