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Shortcut Keys Summary for Mac

Keyboard Bindings

Shortcut Keys


Command + Shift + Space

Complete Command


Complete Command

Command + Left Arrow

Go to Beginning of Line (Maple 1-D input only)

Command + Right Arrow

Go to End of Line  (Maple 1-D input only)

Shift + Return

Soft New Line

Option + Up Arrow

Move to the top of the execution group

Option + Down Arrow

Move to the bottom of the execution group

Command + .

Interrupt a Computation or


Select Cancel in Dialog Box


Move cursor down to next input region


Move cursor up to previous input region


Escape next character for entering "^"

Control + Tab

Move forward through multiple open worksheet and document tabs in a Maple window

Control + PageDown

Move forward through multiple open worksheet and document tabs in a Maple window

Control + Shift + Tab

Move backward through multiple open worksheet and document tabs in a Maple window

Control + PageUp

Move backward through multiple open worksheet and document tabs in a Maple window

Command + Shift + Enter

Execute entire worksheet


For a list of math editing shortcut keys, see 2-D Math Shortcut Keys and Hints.


The following is a list of menu accelerators.

Shortcut Keys


Command + N

New Document/Worksheet (based on Options dialog setting}

Command + O

Open Worksheet

Command + W

Close Current Worksheet

Command + S

Save Worksheet

Command + Shift + S

Save As Worksheet

Command + P

Print Worksheet

Command + Q

Exit Maple



Command + Z


Command + Y


Command + X

Cut Selection to Clipboard

Command + C

Copy Selection to Clipboard

Command + Shift + M

Copy Selection as MathML

Command + V

Paste Selection from Clipboard

Command + Delete

Delete an Element



Command + A

Select All

Command + Option + Shift + D

Select a document block

Command + Option + Shift + E

Select an execution group

Command + Option + Shift + S

Select a section

Command + F


Command + F11

Slideshow mode





Alt + Enter

Evaluate and Display Inline (U.S. and International keyboards)

Command + =

Evaluate and Display Inline (U.S. keyboards)

Command + Shift + A

Convert the selected expression into an atomic identifier (2-D math only)

Command + Shift + U

Enter units

Meta + Alt + C

Collpase code edit region

Meta + Alt + X

Expand code edit region

Control + Command + F

Toggle Full Screen Mode



Command + 0

Zoom to default zoom factor

Command + 1

Zoom to 75%

Command + 2

Zoom to 100%

Command + 3

Zoom to 125%

Command + 4

Zoom to 150%

Command + 5

Zoom to 200%

Command + 6

Zoom to 300%

Command + 7

Zoom to 400%

Command + mouse scroll wheel

Zoom in or out from worksheet

Command + T

Switch to Text Input

Command + M

Switch to Math Input

Command + R

Switch to 2-D Math Input

Command + L

Switch to Label Mode

Command + Return

Insert a Page Break



Command + K

Insert Execution Group Before Paragraph

Command + J

Insert Execution Group After Paragraph

Command + Shift + J

Insert Paragraph After Current Paragraph

Command + Shift + K

Insert Paragraph Before Current Paragraph



Command + B

Bold (text or Maple input)

Command + I

Italic (text or Maple input)

Command + U

Underline (text or Maple input)

Command + Shift + .

Section Indent

Command + Shift + ,

Section Outdent




Split execution groups


Join execution group


Switch between Text and Math mode


Interrupt current operation





Command + F1

Help Table of Contents

Command + F2

Maple Quick Reference Card

Command + ? (Shift + /)

Quick Help Pop-up Menu

Control + ? (Shift + /)

Context-sensitive Help



Command + Shift + C

Increase number of columns of table (Matrix, or Vector)

Command + Shift + R

Increase number of rows of table (Matrix, Vector, or piecewise function)

Command + Shift + E

Launch the startup code editor

Command + Shift + I

User Profile dialog box

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