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Translation of Maple Worksheets to Rich Text Format


The Maple Export as RTF facility translates a Maple worksheet into a rich text format file that can be used in Microsoft(R) Word or Microsoft(R) WordPad; specifically, the worksheet is encoded as a Windows(R) metafile.


The following describes what happens to various worksheet elements:


Graphical, that is, non-textual items such as plots, 2-D math, images, and sketch output in the worksheet are converted to static images in the RTF file. Each line of math is converted to a separate image.


Hidden content is not exported.


Manual page breaks are translated to an RTF page break object.


Page numbers are translated to RTF page numbers.


Spreadsheet cells in the Maple worksheet are exported, along with the column and row headers, and converted to RTF tables.


2-D math is baseline aligned in Microsoft(R) Word.


Superscript and subscripts are exported correctly.


Worksheet styles are approximated by RTF styles.


Note: The Export to RTF feature is not available on macOS. For information on platform specific issues, see the platform help page.

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