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Paste MathML-Encoded Expressions


Paste MathML-encoded expressions from a webpage in a browser to a Maple worksheet.


Copy the MathML-encoded expression from a webpage that is displayed in a browser.


Position the cursor at the insertion point in the Maple worksheet where you want to paste the expression.


From the Edit menu, select Paste.


If the clipboard contains a MathML-encoded expression, a dialog box appears.


To convert the MathML-encoded expression to 2-D Math, click Yes.


To paste the MathML-encoded expression verbatim, click No.


If the clipboard does not contain a MathML-encoded expression, the content of the clipboard is pasted into the worksheet.




If you are having difficulty copying the MathML-encoded expression from the webpage in the browser, try viewing the page source for the webpage and selecting the text between the <math> and </math> tags, inclusive.


You cannot paste MathML-encoded expressions into Maple plots or Maple spreadsheets.

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