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Convert To


Convert content in your worksheet to one of 2-D Math, 2-D Math Input, 1-D Math Input (also called Maple Input), Hyperlink, Plain Text, Label Reference, Inert Form, or Atomic Variable.


Select the content to be converted.


From the Format menu, select Convert To, and then select a format.


If you select Hyperlink, complete the information in the Hyperlink Properties dialog box. See Insert a Hyperlink.


For details on using Convert To > Label Reference, see Label Reference.


Converting to 2-D Math and 2-D Math Input

Inert Form

Atomic Variable

Converting to 2-D Math and 2-D Math Input


The Format>Convert To>2-D Math menu selection is useful for converting 1-D Math content to standard math notation.


The Format>Convert To>2-D Math Input menu selection is useful for converting 1-D Math content or Maple Input to executable standard math notation.

Inert Form


The Format>Convert To>Inert Form menu selection is useful for converting sum, product, differentiation and partial differentiation, integrals, limits, and the evaluation symbol (vertical bar) entered using palettes to standard yet non-executable notation. You can use this feature in Document mode, or at a Maple prompt in Worksheet mode.

Atomic Variable


The check box Atomic Variable will turn a Maple expression into an atomic object. For more information on the uses of atomic objects, see Atomic Variables.

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