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Printing and Exporting

Maple 2020 includes many important enhancements to printing Maple documents, including significant improvements to LaTeX export.


Printing and PDF Export

Export to LaTeX

Printing and PDF Export

When printing or exporting to PDF, you can now control how sections are displayed:


Select whether collapsed sections are automatically expanded.


Select whether section boundary lines, arrows, and indentation are removed.

In addition,


Plots now better maintain the aspect ratio defined in the worksheet.


Images and Code Edit Regions fit better when exported to PDF.


As an example, open this page of Physics examples and go to File > Print Preview.


In addition, headers and footers can now be set up to apply globally, so you can put the same headers or footers on all your printed Maple documents.


For details, see Printing and Headers and Footers.

Export to LaTeX

The Export to LaTeX facility in Maple has undergone several improvements and changes for Maple 2020.

1-D Math

1-D Math input is now translated to a lstlisting environment which uses the LaTeX listings package.

The listings package is a standard part of modern LaTeX distributions and is commonly used for formatting programming-language source code in LaTeX documents.

The following is a typical example of Maple 1-D input:

sin(x)^2 + cos(x)^2;



Here is the appearance of this line in the generated LaTeX after it is compiled using standard LaTeX tools:

Code Edit Regions

Maple 2020 now includes support for Code Edit Regions in the generated LaTeX, also using the listings package.

Here is the appearance of this code edit region in the generated LaTeX after it is compiled using standard LaTeX tools:


Maple 2020 now includes support for inserted images (that is, images included via Insert -> Image) in the generated LaTeX. 

These images will be exported to PNG files on disk, and references to the exported file will be inserted in the LaTeX file corresponding to the main worksheet or document. 

International Characters

International characters appearing in Maple documents are now translated to LaTeX in such a way as to work seamlessly with existing tools for international character support.

In particular, any non-ASCII characters in Maple document text are now translated to equivalent UTF-8 characters in the LaTeX output file.  This generated file now also includes the line:


This loads a standard LaTeX package for UTF-8 compatibility and enables UTF-8 characters to be used directly within text in the LaTeX file without any special environments or macros.

The following is the opening paragraph of The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka:

Als Gregor Samsa eines Morgens aus unruhigen Träumen erwachte, fand er sich in seinem Bett zu einem ungeheueren Ungeziefer verwandelt. Er lag auf seinem panzerartig harten Rücken und sah, wenn er den Kopf ein wenig hob, seinen gewölbten, braunen, von bogenförmigen Versteifungen geteilten Bauch, auf dessen Höhe sich die Bettdecke, zum gänzlichen Niedergleiten bereit, kaum noch erhalten konnte. Seine vielen, im Vergleich zu seinem sonstigen Umfang kläglich dünnen Beine flimmerten ihm hilflos vor den Augen.

During export, the accented characters in the text (ä, ö, ü) are translated to multibyte UTF-8 characters which can be used directly in the LaTeX source. Here is the appearance of this text in the generated LaTeX output after it is compiled using standard LaTeX tools:


Hyperlinks in Maple documents are now translated to hyperlinks in the generated LaTeX document using the hyperref package.

This includes:


Links to external URL sources such as the Maplesoft website


Links to bookmarks within the same Maple document


Links to help pages within the Maple help system, such as the plot help page


Links to local file locations


Together with the improvements for hyperlinks, bookmarks within a Maple document are now translated to link destinations in the generated LaTeX document.

Hyperlinks referencing these bookmarks within the current document will continue to work in documents built from the generated LaTeX.