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Overlaying 3-D Visualizations

You can compare two or multibody simulations visually by overlaying their animations in the 3-D Playback Window. To do this, you must have at least one previously saved simulation result from you model to compare against.

To overlay two or more 3-D visualizations:


Open a model that has at least one saved simulation result.


(Optional) If you want to compare your current model to a previous simulation, click Run Simulation ( ).


Click Show Simulation Results (  or ).


In the Stored Results palette of the Simulation Results tab, select the simulation results you want to compare.


A check mark ( ) indicates which simulation results are selected (that is, visible). Double-click on a result to change its visibility. Alternatively, right-click on the result and select Toggle Visibility.


Select the 3-D Playback Window.


Click Play ( )  on the Playback Toolbar.


The animation plays all of the selected visualizations at the same time.



The quality of the visualization is affected if any open plot windows are behind the 3-D Playback Window. If you are experiencing playback issues, try moving the 3-D Playback Window so that it does not overlap a plot window. Alternatively, minimize or close any open plot windows.


Quality can also be improved by animating the model with interpolated frames turned on. For more information, see Animating a 3-D Model with Interpolated Frames.


Select different colors for your visualizations to make it easier to compare results from different simulations. For more information, see Choosing a 3-D Visualization Color.

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