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Saving Simulation Results

Whenever you simulate a model, the results are temporarily stored as Latest Results in the Stored Results palette. This entry contains all the graphs, progress messages, and (if applicable) the 3-D animation generated from your simulation. However, each new simulation overwrites the results stored in the Latest Results entry.  To keep the results even after you run another simulation or close your model, save the Latest Results entry under a new name.

For more information about the Stored Results palette, see Viewing Simulation Results.

To save a simulation results set as part of a model:


View the Stored Results palette in the Simulation Results tab.


In the Stored Results palette, right-click (Control-click for Mac) the simulation results entry that you want to save and select Save As.


Enter a name for the simulation results.


Save your model.

When you open your model in a future MapleSim session, the simulation results set will be available in the Stored Results palette.

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