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Natural Units Environment

The Natural Units environment is an environment designed for computations with units.  This environment is set up by using the command with(Units[Natural]), or alternatively by using the commands Units[UseMode](natural) and with(Units), in that order.


Various procedures are overloaded to handle units. For example, sin3.0degrees evaluates the sine of 3 degrees and max4m,10 ft  returns 4m.


Arithmetic operators are overloaded to extract units from their operands.  For example, 3m+4 cm evaluates to 7625m and 53.32 km1.3 h evaluates to 11.39316239ms, which can be converted to 25.48577843mph.


Note:  Although easier to use, it is slower, in general, to perform computations in the Natural Units environment than to use the conversion routines at the top-level.


If you do not want to interpret everything as a unit, you can either use the Units[Standard] package, where units must be specified with the Unit routine, or use the strict option to the Units[UseSystem] routine.


These computations can also be done in the Simple Units environment, the Standard Units environment, or at the top-level by using only conversion routines (see Default Units). Each example in this worksheet is also in the other worksheets to show how you can perform the computations in the other environments.



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