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With MapleNet, you can easily share your Maple documents, calculators, and technical applications or access the computational power of the Maple engine to create services that can run anything from a mobile device to the cloud.




Share Maple Documents Online

Use MapleNet to view and execute Maple worksheets (.mw files) and Maple workbooks (.maple files) online through your web browser. Embedded components in these documents are interactive, as are most plots.

To make your Maple documents available online, simply add them to your MapleNet server.


Use the MapleNet Compute Service for Mathematical Calculations

The MapleNet Compute Service makes the computational power of Maple available regardless of the language or infrastructure you use to create your website, desktop applications, and mobile applications.

Through the MapleNet API, the compute endpoint allows programmatic access to the Maple compute engine. Third party applications that require complex mathematical computations can send compute requests to MapleNet via standard HTTP POST



Maple help databases can be hosted to allow online navigation of Maple help content.



For more details and demonstrations, visit the MapleNet website.