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Units Package Index


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Units   (?Units)

Units Calculator   (?assistants,Units)

Return Argument as a Unit in Standard Form   (?Units,Unit)

Details   (?Units,Details)

Differences between Maple and the IEEE/ASTM SI 10-1997 Standard   (?Units,IEEEdiffs)

Troubleshooting   (?Units,Troubleshooting)

Units Package References   (?Unitsref)


Unit Prefixes

SI and IEC Prefixes   (?Units,Prefixes)



Convert Between Units   (?convert,units)

Convert to Unit-Free Form   (?convert,unit_free)

Convert Absolute Temperature   (?convert,temperature)

Convert Temperature-Speed Pairs to Windchill   (?convert,windchill)

Create a Conversion Table   (?convert,conversion_table)

Convert To Dimension   (?convert,dimensions)

Convert To a System   (?convert,system)

Convert To Metric Units   (?convert,metric)

Perform Energy Conversion   (?Units,EnergyConversions)



Valid Dimension Format   (?type,dimension)

Valid Unit Format   (?type,unit)

Valid Unit Name or Symbol Format   (?type,unit_name)

Product with Standard or Natural Unit   (?type,with_unit)



Verify the Equality of Two Expressions with Units   (?verify,units)



Combine Units   (?combine,units)


Default Computation Environment

Default Environment   (?Units,default)


Natural Computation Environment

Natural Environment   (?Units,Natural)

Inverse Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions in the Natural Units Environment   (?Natural,arctrig)

Arithmetic Operators in the Natural Units Environment   (?Natural,arithop)

Convert Function in the Natural Units Environment   (?Natural,convert)

Differentiation and Partial Differentiation in the Natural Units Environment   (?Natural,diff)

Equalities and Inequalities in the Natural Units Environment   (?Natural,equations)

Evaluate at a Point in the Natural Units Environment   (?Natural,eval)

Exponential Function in the Natural Units Environment   (?Natural,exp)

Overloaded Functions in the Natural Units Environment   (?Natural,functions)

Definite and Indefinite Integration in the Natural Units Environment   (?Natural,int)

Logarithmic Functions in the Natural Units Environment   (?Natural,ln)

Maximum and Minimum Functions in the Natural Units Environment   (?Natural,max)

Convert to Polar Form in the Natural Units Environment   (?Natural,polar)

Root Functions in the Natural Units Environment   (?Natural,sqrt)

Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions in the Natural Units Environment   (?Natural,trig)

Type Function in the Natural Units Environment   (?Natural,type)

Unit Function in the Natural Units Environment   (?Natural,Unit)

Verify Function in the Natural Units Environment   (?Natural,verify)


Standard Computation Environment

Standard Environment   (?Units,Standard)

Inverse Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions in the Standard Units Environment   (?Standard,arctrig)

Arithmetic Operators in the Standard Units Environment   (?Standard,arithop)

Convert Function in the Standard Units Environment   (?Standard,convert)

Differentiation and Partial Differentiation in the Standard Units Environment   (?Standard,diff)

Equalities and Inequalities in the Standard Units Environment   (?Standard,equations)

Evaluate at a Point in the Standard Units Environment   (?Standard,eval)

Exponential Function in the Standard Units Environment   (?Standard,exp)

Overloaded Functions in the Standard Units Environment   (?Standard,functions)

Definite and Indefinite Integration in the Standard Units Environment   (?Standard,int)

Logarithmic Functions in the Standard Units Environment   (?Standard,ln)

Maximum and Minimum Functions in the Standard Units Environment   (?Standard,max)

Convert to Polar Form in the Standard Units Environment   (?Standard,polar)

Root Functions in the Standard Units Environment   (?Standard,sqrt)

Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions in the Standard Units Environment   (?Standard,trig)

Type Function in the Standard Units Environment   (?Standard,type)

Unit Function in the Standard Units Environment   (?Standard,Unit)

Verify Function in the Standard Units Environment   (?Standard,verify)


Unit Converter Dialog Management Routines

Unit Converter Support Package Introduction   (?Units,Converter)

Add or Modify a Dimension  (?Converter,AddDimension)

Add or Modify a Unit   (?Converter,AddUnit)

List Dimension Options  (?Converter,GetDimension)

List all Dimensions (?Converter,GetDimensions)

List Unit Options   (?Converter,GetUnit)

List all Units   (?Converter,GetUnits)

Test Whether a Dimension is in Unit Converter  (?Converter,HasDimension)

Test Whether a Unit is in Unit Converter  (?Converter,HasUnit)

Rebuild the Unit Converter Database  (?Converter,MakeConverter)

Remove a Dimension  (?Converter,RemoveDimension)

Remove a Unit  (?Converter,RemoveUnit)


Units Execution Group Management Routines

Add a Base Unit and Dimension   (?Units,AddBaseUnit)

Add or Rename a Complex Dimension   (?Units,AddDimension)

Add or Modify a System of Units   (?Units,AddSystem)

Add or Modify a Unit   (?Units,AddUnit)

Convert a Dimension to a Product of Powers of Base Dimensions   (?Units,GetDimension)

List all Dimensions   (?Units,GetDimensions)

List all Units in a System of Units   (?Units,GetSystem)

List Systems of Units   (?Units,GetSystems)

List Unit Information   (?Units,GetUnit)

List all Units   (?Units,GetUnits)

Test Whether a Dimension Exists   (?Units,HasDimension)

Test Whether a System Exists   (?Units,HasSystem)

Test Whether a Unit Exists   (?Units,HasUnit)

Remove a Dimension   (?Units,RemoveDimension)

Remove a System   (?Units,RemoveSystem)

Set Default Contexts   (?Units,UseContexts)

Set Default System of Units   (?Units,UseSystem)

List Default Contexts   (?Units,UsingContexts)

List Default System of Units   (?Units,UsingSystem)


Known Units

Angle   (?Units,angle)

Solid Angle   (?Units,solid_angle)

Length   (?Units,length)

Mass   (?Units,mass)

Temperature   (?Units,temperature)

Time   (?Units,time)

Electric Current   (?Units,electric_current)

Electric Charge   (?Units,electric_charge)

Molar Electric Charge   (?Units,molar_electric_charge)

Electric Dipole Moment   (?Units,electric_dipole_moment)

Electric Potential   (?Units,electric_potential)

Electric Permittivity   (?Units,electric_permittivity)

Electric Conductance   (?Units,electric_conductance)

Electric Capacitance   (?Units,electric_capacitance)

Electric Resistance   (?Units,electric_resistance)

Electric Resistivity   (?Units,electric_resistivity)

Magnetic Inductance   (?Units,magnetic_inductance)

Magnetic Flux Density   (?Units,magnetic_flux_density)

Magnetic Flux   (?Units,magnetic_flux)

Magnetizing Force   (?Units,magnetizing_force)

Heat Insulation   (?Units,heat_insulation)

Heat Transfer   (?Units,heat_transfer)

Light   (?Units,light)



Speed   (?Units,speed)

Angular Speed   (?Units,angular_speed)

Action   (?Units,action)

Acceleration   (?Units,acceleration)

Force   (?Units,force)

Energy (Heat, Work)   (?Units,energy)

Torque   (?Units,torque)

Power   (?Units,power)

Pressure (Stress)   (?Units,pressure)

Dynamic Viscosity   (?Units,dynamic_viscosity)

Kinematic Viscosity   (?Units,kinematic_viscosity)

Linear Mass Density   (?Units,linear_mass_density)

Permeability   (?Units,permeability)

Surface Energy Density   (?Units,surface_energy_density)

Surface Power Density   (?Units,surface_power_density)

Logarithmic Gain   (?Units,logarithmic_gain)



Amount of Substance   (?Units,substance)

Molar Flow   (?Units,molar_flow)



Area   (?Units,area)

Volume   (?Units,volume)

Volume Flow   (?Units,volume_flow)



Frequency   (?Units,frequency)

Linear Frequency   (?Units,linear_frequency)

Inverse Length   (?Units,inverse_length)

Fuel Consumption   (?Units,fuel_consumption)



Radioactivity   (?Units,radioactivity)

Absorbed Dose   (?Units,absorbed_dose)

Dose Equivalent   (?Units,dose_equivalent)

Exposure   (?Units,exposure)



Amount of Information   (?Units,information)



Currency   (?Units,currency)

ISO Currency Codes   (?Units,CurrencyCodes)



Other Units   (?Units,other_units)


Systems of Units

Systems   (?Units,Systems)


Default Systems of Units

SI (International System)   (?Units,SI)

FPS (Foot-Pound-Second)   (?Units,FPS)

MKS (Meter-Kilogram-Second)   (?Units,MKS)

CGS (Centimeter-Gram-Second)   (?Units,CGS)

EMU (Electromagnetic)   (?Units,EMU)

ESU (Electrostatic)   (?Units,ESU)

Atomic   (?Units,Atomic)

MTS (Meter-Tonne-Second)   (?Units,MTS)