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Integrate Planar Vector Field


This template provides the flow lines for a planar vector field. Enter the required data, then click on the graph for the flow line through that initial point.



To begin, enter the necessary information into the fields below:


  the bounds for the plot window. Alternatively, use the button to Insert Defaults for the bounds.


  the components of the vector field


  the coordinate system and variable names


  the path parameter, given in the form atb. Alternatively, use the button to Insert Defaults for the bounds.



Click the Enter Data button to obtain a graph of the vector field.


Click on the plot area and select the Click and Drag Manipulator ( ) from the Plot menu or plotting toolbar. Then click anywhere in the vector field to see the flow line through that point.


The Erase Graph button erases the vector field and all flow lines. The Clear All button clears every field in the template.


Integrate Planar Vector Field

Plot Window                      


x,     y


Vector Field

Component 1:

Component 2:



System:         Variables:


Path Parameter           




Commands Used


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