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Student[MultivariateCalculus][CrossSectionTutor] - plot or animate the intersection between a curve and a plane

Calling Sequence


CrossSectionTutor(f(x,y), g(x,y,z)=K, x=a..b, y=c..d)

CrossSectionTutor(f(x,y,z), g(x,y,z)=K, x=a..b, y=c..d, z=e..f)


f(x, y)


(optional) algebraic function in two variables

f(x, y, z)


(optional) equation in three variables

g(x, y, z)


(optional) linear algebraic function representing the plane



(optional) constant, list, or range representing the constant in the plane equation

x, y, z


(optional) variable

a..b, c..d, e..f


(optional) intervals



The CrossSectionTutor command launches a tutor interface that computes, plots, and animates the resultant cross section between plane(s) and a curve.


If f(x,y), g(x,y,z)=K, x=a..b, y=c..d, and z=e..f are not specified, CrossSectionTutor uses defaults.


The CrossSection command offers equivalent capabilities to CrossSectionTutor where interaction takes place in the worksheet interface. See the Student[MultivariateCalculus][CrossSection] help page.


To change the default colors of the plot objects, see the Student[SetColors] help page.


When the CrossSectionTutor is running, interaction with the worksheet is not possible.




CrossSectionTutor(x^2+y^2, x=-2..2, y=-2..2);

CrossSectionTutor(x^2+y^2+z^2=4, x=[2,1,0], x=-2..2, y=-2..2, z=-2..2);

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