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Sockets Package Release Notes


These release notes describe the platform support for the Sockets package as well as known run-time issues and security considerations.


Platform Support


Runtime Issues

Platform Support


The Sockets package is supported on all platforms that are supported by Maple.



Maple is neither designed nor intended for network-secure applications. It is strongly recommended that you do not deploy server applications written using this package on generally accessible networks. Maple processes running servers should be started by using the z command line option. (For more information, see maple.) Under no circumstances should a Maple server be run with a real or effective user ID that has privileged access to the host computer.

Runtime Issues


This section discusses known run-time issues with the Sockets package. The information is organized by platform and by operating system.


All Platforms


The procedure Serve does not cause the calling process to fork or spawn new threads or lightweight processes. This is not a bug, but a design restriction imposed by licensing requirements.

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