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List of Tables

Table 1.1: Through and Across Variable Domain Types

Table 1.2: MapleSim Window Components

Table 2.1: MapleSim Component Library

Table 2.2: Model Navigation Controls

Table 2.3: Domain-Specific Connection Line Colors

Table 2.4: 2-D Math Notation Key Combinations

Table 3.1: Port Map

Table 3.2: Signal Flow Components

Table 3.3: Characteristics of Through and Across Variables

Table 3.4: Through and Across Variable Mathematical Relationship

Table 3.5: Resistor Variables and Parameters

Table 4.1: Simulation Settings

Table 4.2: Advanced Simulation Settings

Table 4.3: Multibody Parameter Values

Table 4.4: 3-D Visualization Parameter Values

Table 4.5: 3-D Workspace Controls

Table 5.1: MapleSim Apps

Table 5.2: MapleSim Templates

Table 6.1: Temperature Dependent Resistor Components

Table 6.2: Bouncing Ball Multibody Components

Table 6.3: Centrifugal Pump Data

Table 6.4: Circular Pipe Parameters

Table 6.5: Centrifugal Pump Components

Table 6.6: External C Code DLL Custom Components and Required Settings

Table 6.7: Basic Hydraulic Library Components

Table 6.8: Bernoulli and Darcy Equation Notation

Table 6.9: Circular Pipe Parameters

Table 6.10: Hydraulic Components

Table 6.11: Spool Valve

Table 6.12: Translational Motion with Fixed Flow Rate Sources

Table 6.13: Translational Motion with a Fixed Pressure Source

Table 6.14: Actuating Multibody Components

Table 6.15: Hydraulic Liquids Compressibility Components

Table 6.16: Confined Hydraulic System Components

Table 6.17: Fluid Inertia

Table 6.18: Fluid Properties Values

Table 6.19: Water Hammer Parameters

Table 6.20: Accumulator Parameters Custom Component

Table 7.1: Opening, Closing, and Saving a Model

Table 7.2: Building a Model in the Block Diagram View

Table 7.3: Browsing a Model in the Block Diagram View

Table 7.4: Browsing a Model in the 3-D View

Table 7.5: Simulating a Model

Table 7.6: Navigating the Console Pane

Table 7.7: Modifying the Plot Window Layout

Table 7.8: Editing a Modelica Custom Component

Table 7.9: Miscellaneous