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Image Types

test for an image type


Calling Sequence



Calling Sequence

type( x, Image )

type( x, GrayImage )

type( x, ColorImage )

type( x, ColorAImage )




anything; expression to test.



The type(x, ImageType) function call returns true if x is of type ImageType, where ImageType is one of Image, GrayImage, ColorImage, or ColorAImage.


Within the ImageTools package, images are represented as dense, rectangular rtables of 64-bit hardware floating-point numbers. Grayscale images are 2D, color images are 3D.


The first index of the rtable is the row (height) index. The second index is the column (width) index. The row and column indices do not have to start at 1. The first element in the structure corresponds to the upper-left pixel of the image.


All images must have datatype = float[8], storage = rectangular, and have no indexing function.


Either C_order or Fortran_order can be used to store the elements in the rtable, however, operations on two images generally require that they have the same order.


These types are assigned by loading the ImageTools package.


The Image type corresponds to any of the three specific types: GrayImage, ColorImage, or ColorAImage.

Grayscale Image (single layer)

The GrayImage type corresponds to a single layer image. A Matrix with the previously mentioned attributes may be used in place of an Array.

Color Image (three layers)

The ColorImage type corresponds to a three layer image. A ColorImage has three indices. The third index, which ranges from 1 to 3, corresponds to the three color layers (red, green, blue).

Color/Alpha Image (four layers)

The ColorAImage type corresponds to a four layer image. A ColorAImage has three indices. The third index, which ranges from 1 to 4, corresponds to the three color layers (red, green, blue) and an alpha channel.

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