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GUI Configuration for Maple Engine Security

Configuring the Security Settings


To change your Maple Engine Security settings through the graphical user interface:


Perform one of the following platform-specific steps to open the Options dialog:


(Windows and Linux) From the Tools menu, select Options.


(Mac) From the Maple <version> menu, select Settings (where <version> is your Maple version number).


Alternatively, for macOS 12 and earlier, from the Maple <version> menu, select Preferences (where <version> is your Maple version number).


Select the Security tab.



Separate security can be configured for worksheets opened from the MapleCloud and for all other worksheets that are opened in Maple. These options are described in the Options Dialog help page.


By default, local worksheets are set with read and write permissions, and all libraries are executable. By default, any document opened from the MapleCloud palette has the autoexecute and Maple archive options turned off and engine security turned on, with system/ssystem commands and the msocket library turned off. To change the engine security settings, select the Enable engine security check box.


To enter readable and writable files and executable libraries:


Click the appropriate Add ... button, navigate to and then select the file or library for which you want to have access privilege, and then click Add Files.


To restrict access to files, select one or more files or libraries in the permitted list and click the appropriate Remove selected files button.


To return all file specifications to their original states, click the Load standard file lists button. File specifications are described in Engine Security File Specifications.


To enable system or ssystem commands, or allow an msocket library, check the appropriate check box at the bottom of the dialog. See EngineSecurity for details on these options.


To apply the changes, click either the Apply to Session or Apply Globally button.  To discard the changes, click Cancel.

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