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Blocks Supported by BlockImporter



The following Simulink(R) blocks are supported by BlockImporter.


Derivative computes the time derivative of the input.

Integrator computes the integral of the input with respect to time.

State-Space simulates a constant-coefficient state-space system.

Transfer-Fcn simulates a transfer function.

Zero-Pole simulates a zero-pole block.


Saturation limits the range of a signal.

Lookup Tables

Lookup Table (1D) approximates a one-dimensional function with a lookup table.

Math Operations

Abs computes the absolute value of the input.

Gain scales the input. Supports element-wise and matrix multiplication.

Product multiplies the inputs. Supports element-wise and matrix multiplication. The sign of the exponent of each input is configurable.

Math Function applies a selected math function to the input.

Sum sums the inputs. The sign (+/-) of each input is configurable.

Trigonometric Function applies a trigonometric function to the input.

Signal Routing

Bus Creator combines sets of signals into a bus.

Bus Selector selects signals from a bus.

Mux combines sets of signals into a vector signal.

Demux separates the sets of signals from a vector signal.

Selector selects specified signals from a bus.

From connects a signal from a Goto block.

Goto connects a signal to a From block.


Display generates a numeric display of input values.

Scope displays scope.

Terminator terminates output signals.

ToWorkspace writes input to an array in the workspace.


BandLimited White-Noise acts as a dummy connection.

Chirp generates a sinusoidal output whose frequency increases with time.

Clock generates an output proportional to the simulation time.

Constant generates a constant output.

FromWorkspace acts as a dummy connection.

Ground generates a constant zero output.

Ramp generates a waveform with a constant slope.

Signal Generator generates one of three waveforms: a sine wave, a square wave, or a sawtooth waveform. The Simulink signal generator allows a random waveform, however, that is currently not supported.

Sine generates a sine waveform.

Step generates a step waveform.


In1 an input port of a subsystem.

Out1 an output port of a subsystem.

Subsystem a collection of blocks that form a unit.

User-Defined Functions

Fcn applies a C-style expression to the input.

MATLABFcn applies a function to the input.