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Highlighting Multibody Ports and Axes

Multibody ports are represented by axes in the 3-D workspace. The orientation of these axes is important when you connect multibody ports together because it determines the orientation of the multibody components in the 3-D Workspace. For large models, it can be difficult to see a multibody axis in the 3-D Workspace. You can highlight a multibody port in the Model Workspace to make the corresponding axis easier to see in the 3-D Workspace.

To highlight multibody ports and axes:


Open a model that contains multibody components.


Click Show 3-D Workspace ( ).


In the 3-D Workspace, click Always-On-Top ( ).


This lets you see the 3-D Workspace while you interact with your model in the Model Workspace.


In the Model Workspace, place your pointer over a multibody port.


In the Model Workspace, the port is highlighted.



In the 3-D Workspace, the axis corresponding to the port is highlighted.


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