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CurveFitting[Interactive] - display an interactive interface to the CurveFitting package

Calling Sequence


Interactive(xydata, v)

Interactive(xdata, ydata, v)




list, Array, DataFrame, or Matrix of the form [[x1,y1], [x2,y2], ..., [xn,yn]]; data points



(optional) name



list, Array, DataSeries, or Vector of the form [x1, x2, ..., xn]; independent values



list, Array, DataSeries, or Vector of the form [y1, y2, ..., yn]; dependent values



The Interactive command displays a Maplet application that provides a graphical user interface to routines in the CurveFitting package. You can select one of the methods shown to fit a curve to the given data points.


The data can be specified as a collection of points, or as separate collections of independent and dependent values. Invoking the Maplet application without any arguments displays a dialog in which you can enter the data points.


When the Done button is clicked, the equation in the text field at the bottom of the window returns as Maple output to the worksheet.  If a name is not specified, then an automatically generated variable is used for this equation.


In many cases, the options to the CurveFitting routines can be set by selecting a value by using a slider or entering text in a field.


Only the applicable CurveFitting routines are included in the window. For example, the routine CurveFitting[RationalInterpolation] applies only to points that are not floating-point numbers, while CurveFitting[ThieleInterpolation] requires that all y values are unique.





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