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Quick Access to Help Resources from the Maple Worksheet

The search box in the worksheet toolbar provides easy access to search for help, assistants, tasks, tutors, and Math Apps.


Perform a Search

Assistants, Tasks and Tutors

Math Apps

Perform a Search

The search box is located in the toolbar.  In your worksheet, type Alt + S (Control + S, Mac) to place your cursor in the toolbar search field.


Just start typing and you will see search results pop up as you continue to type. Search results are organized into the following sections:


Help - topics ( ) and definitions ( ) from the Maple Help System


Assistants, Tasks and Tutors - worksheets, assistants, tasks, and tutors from the Maple Help System


Math Apps - Math Apps from the Maple Help System and MapleCloud

Hover over an item to see a preview. Click on an item to open it.


The search box shows a limited number of results. To see more results from the Maple Help System, click See All Search Results... at the bottom of the menu. This opens the help browser with the complete list of help pages for your search.

Assistants, Tasks and Tutors

This section shows the top worksheets ( ), assistants ( ), tasks ( ), and tutors ( ) that match your search term.

Click on a worksheet or assistant to open it in a new document.

Click on a tutor to launch the interactive interface.

Click a task item to open it in a new document, or hover over the preview to either open the task in the the existing document or in the help browser.

Math Apps

Search results include Math Apps from the Maple Help System ( ) and MapleCloud ( ).

To disable MapleCloud search results, select Tools > Options > Network, clear the Enable MapleCloud Connection check box, and then click either Apply to Session or Apply Globally.

For more information, see MapleCloud Content Exchange and Options Dialog - Network.

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