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Document Properties


Why Apply Document Properties?

How to Apply Document Properties

Why Apply Document Properties?


The Document Properties feature allows you to record data associated with your document, such as the author or date of creation. This data is not displayed in your document but could be read by an external processing tool.

How to Apply Document Properties


Document properties are applied by using the File>Document Properties menu option.


Open a Maple document.


From the File menu, select Document Properties. The Document Properties Editor opens.


The Attribute Name field displays the four most commonly set attributes, each with <default> in the Value entry.


Change the value of an existing attribute by double-clicking on the Value field next to it and entering a new string. For example, change the <default> entry next to the Author attribute to your name.


To add a new attribute, click the Add Attribute button at the bottom of the editor.


Edit the Attribute Name field by entering an appropriate property for the new attribute. For example, replace "New Attribute" with the word "Topic".


Edit the Value field by entering a specific value to be associated with this document. For example, enter an appropriate topic, "help for document properties". Now this document has the topic associated with it.


You can also delete existing attributes by selecting the attribute, then clicking the Delete Attribute button at the bottom of the editor.


When you are finished, click OK to return to the Maple document.

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