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LinearAlgebra Interactive

The interactive component of the Student[LinearAlgebra] subpackage contains routines that use maplets technology, allowing you to work interactively through typical problems in an introductory linear algebra course. This worksheet demonstrates the basics of this functionality.


For further information about the commands in the LinearAlgebra package, see the help page for that command. For a general overview, see LinearAlgebra.

Getting Started

Commands in the package can be referred to using the long form, for example, Student[LinearAlgebra][EigenvaluesTutor].

 It is recommended that you load the package first and use the shorter command names.



The following examples show how the various routines work.


Notes: As these commands are intended to be illustrative in nature, rather than to be used as the methods of choice for solving general problems in linear algebra, the sizes of the input objects (matrices, vectors, and systems of equations) are restricted.


Additionally, these commands work with problems in which values are known exactly, either as symbolic quantities or as exact rational and integer numbers. The algorithms used to solve linear algebra problems with approximate quantities (represented as floating-point numbers) are different from the algorithms used for exact problems. Thus, any floating-point numbers present in the input are converted to rational values.


It is possible that the exact solution to a problem in linear algebra is very large, for example, when solving an eigenvector problem. In this case, the display only of the solution within the maplet dialog may use a floating-point approximation to the exact value, simply to conserve display space. Underlying computations, including computations used in subsequent steps, continue to use the exact quantity.


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