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Linear Algebra Computations in Maple   (?LA_general)


Getting Started


Overview of the LinearAlgebra Package   (?LinearAlgebra)


Details of the LinearAlgebra Package  (?LinearAlgebra/Details)


Data Structures


About Data Structures in the LinearAlgebra Package   (?LA_aboutdata)


Matrix Constructor   (?Matrix)


Vector Constructor   (?Vector)


Matrix and Vector Construction Shortcuts   (?MVshortcut)


Matrix and Vector Entry Operations


Assignment (?MVassignment)


Extraction (?MVextract)


Selection (?MVselect)




Viewing Matrices and Vectors   (?structuredview)


Plotting Matrices   (?matrixplot)




Efficient Numeric Linear Algebra Computation    (?LA_numerics)


Importing and Exporting Matrices   (?ImportMatrix)


Importing and Exporting Vectors   (?ImportVector)


LinearAlgebra Modular Subpackage   (?LinearAlgebra:-Modular)


LinearAlgebra Generic Subpackage   (?LinearAlgebra:-Generic)




LinearAlgebra Shortcuts   (?examples,LA_Syntax_Shortcuts)


LinearAlgebra Options   (?examples,LA_options)


Solving Linear Systems   (?examples,LA_Linear_Solve)


LinearAlgebra with NAG   (?examples,LA_NAG)