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The ContextMenu Package

The ContextMenu package is a suite of tools for controlling and customizing the display of context-sensitive menus in Maple.  When a user selects a Maple expression, a menu appears in the Context Panel with a customized set of actions that can be performed on this expression. This is a context-sensitive menu. The user may then choose one of the listed actions and the associated command is invoked on the selected object.

With the ContextMenu package, you have the option of building an entirely new set of context-sensitive menus or adding to the existing set of menus.  The package enables you to add entries to context menus, disable and re-enable existing menu entries, set the criteria governing when an entry should appear, and programmatically test the behavior of your customized menu system.




The following is a brief introduction to some of the key features of the ContextMenu package.  For more information, consult the ContextMenu help page.

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