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plot the action of a linear transformation


Calling Sequence




Calling Sequence

LinearTransformPlot(M, opts)







plotting options or equation(s) of the form option=value where option is one of showeigenvectors, eigenoptions, shownullspace, nullspaceoptions, labeloptions, labels, normalize, spheregrid, subspace, subspaceoptions, or Student plot options; specify options for the plot



The LinearTransformPlot(M) command, where M is an mxn Matrix, plots the transformation of the interval [-1, 1], the unit circle, or the unit sphere for n = 1, 2, or 3, respectively, to the line, plane, or 3-space for m = 1, 2, or 3, respectively, under the action of M.


The opts argument can contain any of the Student plot options or any of the following equations that set plot options.




showeigenvectors = true or false


If M is a square matrix, this specifies whether its eigenvectors and their images are plotted.  If M is not square, this option is ignored. [Default: true]




eigenoptions = list


Provides options (for example, color and thickness) to the routine which plots the eigenvectors and their images.  This option is ignored if M is not square.




shownullspace = true or false


Specifies whether the null space of M is plotted. [Default: true]




nullspaceoptions = list


Provides options to the routine that plots the nullspace of M.




labeloptions = list


Provides options for the display of the labels, for example, font and color.




labels = list({string,symbol}) or list(list({string,symbol}))


Specifies the names to use as axis labels in the domain and range images. If given as list({string,symbol}) (for example, labels=x,y,z), the same labels are used for both the domain and range axes.  If given as a list of two list({string,symbol}), the first list of labels is used for the domain axes, and the second list is used for the range axes.  If fewer labels are provided than are required by the plot, missing labels are taken from the default values. [Default: [["x","y","z"],["x","y","z"]] ]




normalize = true or false


If set to true, the image object is scaled by the inverse of the norm of M, so that the domain object and image object have similar proportions.  [Default: true]




spheregrid = posint


Specifies the grid size used to plot the sphere.  A smaller value results in a more transparent sphere, but one which looks less spherical.  [Default: 16]




subspace = Vector, list(Vector), or set(Vector)


Specifies a subspace of the domain.  The subspace and its image of this subspace under the action of M are plotted.




subspaceoptions = list


Provides options to the routine that plots the subspace of the domain space, where the subspace is given in the subspace option.




caption = anything


A caption for the plot.


The default caption is constructed from the parameters and the command options. caption = "" disables the default caption. For more information about specifying a caption, see plot/typesetting.




The commands to create the plots from the Plotting Guide are


Rank:  3
Norm:  5.573
Determinant:  65

Eigenvalue: -3/2+1/2*61^(1/2)
Multiplicity: 1
Eigenvector: < 1.135, 1., 1. >

Eigenvalue: -3/2-1/2*61^(1/2)
Multiplicity: 1
Eigenvector: < -1.468, 1., 1. >

Eigenvalue: -5
Multiplicity: 1
Eigenvector: < -2/3, 1, 0 >

Plot options not inside another option apply to the plot as a whole:


Rank:  2
Norm:  4.562
Determinant:  -2

Eigenvalue: 2+6^(1/2)
Multiplicity: 1
Eigenvector: < .8163, 1. >

Eigenvalue: 2-6^(1/2)
Multiplicity: 1
Eigenvector: < -.8163, 1. >

Other example:


Rank:  2
Norm:  5.187

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