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Adding a Reference Coordinate

In order to maintain the geometry of your CAD model, you will need matched ports. Matched ports are achieved by adding a coordinate to one part, and then adding a reference coordinate to another group. The reference coordinate will always have the same position and orientation as the source coordinate. This could be used, for example, to create joints.

To begin, first add a coordinate to one part. You can then add a reference coordinate to the second group in either the Import CAD or Feature Detect window. When you return to MapleSim, the CAD subsystem has a port that corresponds to the reference coordinate you added.


Note: While coordinates are added to parts (bodies or sheets), reference coordinates are added to top-level groups. The coordinate and reference coordinate cannot be in the same group in the MapleSim CAD Toolbox (since then they would be in the same CAD subsystem in MapleSim).


To add a reference coordinate:


First, ensure that the source part has a coordinate attached to it. See Adding a Coordinate.


Click Place Reference Coordinate ( ). The Add Reference Coordinates dialog opens.


Select an existing coordinate from the Source Coordinate list, and then select the group you want to add a reference coordinate to from the Target Component list.


Click Add.  You can use this dialog to add additional reference coordinates, as needed.


Click Done. The reference coordinate is indicated in the Tree View by this icon: .


To rename a reference coordinate, select it and use Ctrl + R as a shortcut to open the Properties dialog.  Type a new name in the name field.


Note: If you are adding a reference coordinate after your model has already been imported into MapleSim, ensure step 1 is done, then open the part on which you want to place the reference coordinate in the Feature Detect window, and continue with step 2.


To see all the coordinates and reference coordinates that have been attached to your model, in the Tree View, click Toggle Coordinates Tree View ( .

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