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Status Bar


A status bar is displayed at the bottom of the Maple window. It displays system information.


A check box displays the editable/noneditable status of the current worksheet. When a document is marked as noneditable, any existing content in that document cannot be modified. A natural use of this mode is for interactive documents built from embedded components, because a noneditable document can be thought of as in "player-mode": the content can be viewed and any embedded components will work.  It is not possible to add or delete content in a noneditable document.


To change any part of a worksheet, ensure the worksheet is editable: In the status bar at the bottom of the Maple window, select the Editable check box(  ). For details, see Controlling the Editability of Documents and Tables.


The current working directory is listed and can be changed through the status bar.  For more information, see currentdir.


Time and memory status refers to CPU time in the kernel and the size of the kernel's memory space (pool) for operations.

Hide or View Status Bar

You can select whether the status bar is visible or hidden.


From the View menu, select the Status Bar check box. A check mark next to Status Bar in the menu indicates that the status bar is displayed.

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