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The Maple Application Center


Accessing Third-Party Code and Examples

Further Resources

Historical Note: The Maple Share Library

Accessing Third-Party Code and Examples


The Maple Application Center offers over 2000 Maple documents contributed by users, covering an extensive range of topics and disciplines.


To access the Application Center:


From the Help menu, select On the Web>Application Center.


Alternatively, open a web browser and navigate to The Maplesoft website opens.


From the Support & Resources drop-down list, under Examples & Applications select Application Center. The Application Center webpage opens.


To contribute new or updated versions of code or worksheets:


In the left pane of the Application Center, select Submit Your Work and read the instructions provided.

Further Resources


The MapleCloud provides an easy way to share Maple documents, collections of Maple documents (known as workbooks), or packages with others.

Historical Note: The Maple Share Library


The Maple Share library was a package of user-submitted code that extended the functionality of the Maple V software. The Share library is no longer shipped with the Maple software.

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