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plots[interactive] - interactive plot builder

Calling Sequence

interactive(expr, variables)




(optional) expression



(optional) expression of the form variables=varset



The interactive command is part of the plots package. It allows you to build plots interactively.


If expr is an algebraic expression or a list, it is taken to be a single expression to be plotted.  If expr is a set of algebraic expressions or lists, these are taken to be separate expressions to be plotted in the same graph.


If present, the variables option provides a complete list of the variables used in plotting.


To generate a plot interactively, use the interactive(expr) command. Follow the instructions in the subsequently displayed dialogs. Maple will generate a plot and display it in the worksheet.


You can also launch the interactive plot builder in the Standard Worksheet interface from the Tools menu or from the context-sensitive menu of an expression.  For instructions, see plotinterface/interactive.


The interactive plot builder can create only one type of plot (for example, plot from an expression, implicitly defined plot, complex plot) at a time. To combine different types of plots, first use the interactive plot builder to plot them separately, then use the plots[display] command to show them together.  See example below.






To plot the following expressions with different plot types on the same axes, try plotting the first expression as a 3-D complex plot, and the second as a 3-D plot.  Notice that the options change to only allow plot structures which can handle the given expression.  Remember that both plots must have the same dimension. For 2-D plots, you can also use the dualaxisplot command to display more than one expression in a single plot.




See Also

plotinterface/interactive, plots, plots[display], plots[dualaxisplot], plots[interactiveparams]