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Thermophysical and Thermodynamic Data

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The ThermophysicalData package contains tools that give the thermophysical properties of pure fluids and fluid mixtures, and the thermodynamic properties of various chemical species.




Pure Fluid and Mixture Properties

The temperature of water using pressure and enthalpy as states.

Propertytemperature,pressure=6bar,massspecificenthalpy=5105J kg1,water



You can also calculate the properties of fluid mixtures. This, for example, is the density of a molar mixture of methane, ethane, n-butane and pentane, using temperature and pressure as states.

Propertydensity,temperature=293 K,pressure=1atm,"HEOS∷Methane0.042&Ethane0.845&nButane0.028&Pentane0.085"



Chemical Species

The ThermophysicalData:-Chemicals subpackage contains functions that give the enthalpy, entropy, and specific heat capacity of over 2000 species at standard pressure. You can also extract the heat of formation and molecular weight.

The heat of formation and molecular weight of CO2





Enthalpy and entropy of CO2 at 300 K and 1 bar

Chemicals:-PropertyHmolar,CO2(g),temperature=300 K;Chemicals:-PropertySmolar,CO2(g),temperature=300 K;




An empirical correlation for the enthalpy of CO2 as function of temperature




Thermodynamic Visualizations


The ThermophysicalData package also generates several visualizations for each of the pure fluids. These are standard Maple plot objects, so you can place lines and other visual elements on them to indicate the path of a thermodynamic cycle.  



Humid Air Properties and Psychrometric Charts


You can calculate the properties of humid air. Here we calculate the specific enthalpy of humid air at a user-defined dry-bulb temperature, pressure and relative humidity.




You can generate a psychrometric chart, and use it to visualize heating/cooling by overlaying plot objects on it. For example, see the Human Comfort Zone application.



Computing with Thermophysical Data


The ThermophysicalData package provides thermodynamic and transport properties in a computable format. This means you can use fluid properties with all of Maple math tools, including the optimizers, numerical integrators and more.

Isothermal Compression

Here, for example, we compute the work done (in J kg-1) in the isothermal compression of propane from a specific volume of 1 m3 kg-1 to 0.5 m3 kg-1. This involves the use of numerical integrators

Propertypressure&comma;propane&comma;temperature&equals;350 K&comma;D&equals;1V&colon;

wintPropertypressure&comma;propane&comma;temperature&equals;350 &comma;D&equals;1V&comma;V&equals;1  ..0.5&comma;numeric



Adiabatic Flame Temperature

Here we calculate the flame temperature of butane. This involves the use of numerical solvers.


Liquid butane is burnt with 100% stoichiometric air at an initial temperature of 298.15 K. The combustion reaction is

C4H10 (l) + 6.5 O2 (g)+ 24.44 N2 (g) → 4 CO2 (g) + 5 H2O (g) + 24.44 N2 (g)


Heat of formation of butane




Enthalpies of the combustion products at a temperature T



Enthalpy of the reactants

H_reactants1mol h_f_C4H10



Total enthalpy of the combustion products

H_products4 mol h_CO2&plus; 5 mol  h_H2O&plus; 24.44 mol  h_N2




Equating the enthalpy of the reactants and the enthalpy of the combustion products gives the adiabatic flame temperature




Thermophysical Properties Calculator


The Thermophysical Properties Calculator provides a graphical interface for extracting fluid properties and generating charts.


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