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Engineering Optimization

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Maple lets you minimize or maximize objective functions with respect to constraints.


Optimization:-Minimizex2+sinx+y,x+2 y=9




The objective function can be a sum-of-squares error for parameter estimation, or the



weight of a mechanical device


cost of production


or energy required for a process


The constraints can be limits on the



dimensions of a mechanical device, or the allowable stresses


minimum and maximum process temperatures


or amount of base materials


Units can be employed in the objective function or the constraints.


You can use Maple's built-in linear, nonlinear, and quadratic optimizers, or the optional Global Optimization Toolbox.

Example - Fuel Pod Design Optimization


You are designing a fuel pod with a hemispherical cap, cylindrical mid-section and conical cap.



What are values of L, H and R that minimize the surface area while maintaining the volume V at 3 m3?



Objective function - surface area of pod


Constraint on the volume area of pod

cons11243πR3+π R2L+13πR2H=3m3:

All dimensions must be greater than 0


Hence the optimized dimensions are




Check that the constraint on the pod volume is satisfied





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