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Maple Flow 2021.1 Update

Update Details and Downloads

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Maple Flow 2021.1 Update

Maple Flow 2021.1 is an important update to Maple Flow 2021. It is available to all Maple Flow 2021 users.
This update contains the following additions and improvements:

  • Printing/export to pdf
    • Define your page size (e.g. letter, A4 etc.) and margins
    • Define headers/footers for the printed page /export PDF
    • Display the page extents on the canvas
  • Style sets
    • Support for text/math styles
    • Switch styles with Maple-based style sets
  • Separate numeric/symbolic calculation modes
    • Additional “symbolic” evaluation mode that suppresses numeric evaluation as much as possible
    • Symbolic evaluation mode can be made “sticky” (i.e. all future math containers will be symbolic if sticky symbolic mode is set)
  • Japanese language support
  • Other interface enhancements and bug fixes

Getting the Update

Step 1:
Update your Maple installation to Maple 2021.1, following the instructions on the Maple 2021.1 update page. You must have Maple 2021.1 in order to install and run Maple Flow 2021.1

Step 2:
If you used Maple’s Check for Updates to update your Maple installation in Step 1, you may have been given the opportunity to update Maple Flow at the same time. If you ran the Maple Flow update installer after the  Maple update installer, as part of your Maple update process, you are done. Otherwise, follow the steps below for your platform.

Windows and Linux:  Click on the link below to download the update installer. Running the update installer will update Maple Flow to the 2021.1 release.

Maple Flow 2021.1 - Windows and Linux
Download Now

Mac: An update installer is not available for Mac at this time. Please contact Maplesoft Technical Support to request a full Maple Flow installer that you can use to upgrade to Maple Flow 2021.1.

Obtaining Support

If you have any questions or experience difficulties with this update, please contact Maplesoft Customer Service.