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MapleSim Pneumatics Library® from Modelon

MapleSim Pneumatics Library from Modelon

The MapleSim Pneumatics Library from Modelon lets you take advantage of the powerful, industry-tested component library from Modelon in your system-level designs. This library can be used in the modeling and simulation of pneumatic systems for system design, component sizing, and control design, with applications in construction equipment, machine design, commercial vehicle design, and more.



  • Choose from over 100 components to model cylinders, motors, valves, nozzles, lumped volumes, lines, and sensors.
  • Generate highly efficient, royalty-free simulation code suitable for real-time and in-the-loop simulations.
  • Access underlying system equations for advanced analysis, parameter optimization, and visualization.
  • For advanced applications, you can customize and extend components to suit your specific needs.
  • Get started quickly with sample models that can be modified to form a starting point for your own designs.
  • Rely on industry-tested components from Modelon, a leading provider of Modelica® libraries


Over 100 components for pneumatics systems modeling, including:

  • Environment: Gas description
  • Cylinders: With and without cushioning effect, bellows
  • Direction Control: For flow control, first order spool dynamics
  • Lines: Long line, capillary
  • Sources: Reservoirs, silencers
  • Restrictions: Geometry based restrictions, nozzle, orifice
  • Rotary Actuator: Vane motor, rotary actuator
  • Sensors: Pressure and flow
  • Valves: Nozzles and orifices, pressure and flow actuated
  • Volumes: Chamber and volume models