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Why Choose Maple T.A. ?

Maple T.A. is an online assessment system for STEM courses.
Educators around the world use it to improve learning, save money,
reduce drop-out rates, and more.

Reduce Grading Budget

University of Waterloo

  • Growing class sizes and shrinking budgets meant it was becoming difficult to offer as many assignments as the instructors felt was needed to support learning
  • University chose Maple T.A. to automate the process so the quality of instruction and learning could be maintained
  • Used by 9000 students/year in 40 different courses
  • Teaching assistants now have time to give more feedback on challenging written assignments
  • University saved $100,000/year on their grading budget

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Reduce Grading Budget

…after moving to Maple T.A., we’ve found we can save approximately $100,000 per year on our grading budget…

Carrie Howells, University of Waterloo, Canada
Increase Pass Rates

Increase Pass Rates

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

  • Low pass rates were a concern
  • Online learning and digital testing a key pillar to new approach
  • Delivered online assignments, homework, and tests using Maple T.A.
  • Used results to develop a customized learning path for each student
  • Student pass rates went up approximately 20% within one year

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Students came from different backgrounds with varying levels of knowledge. With the use of Maple T.A., students got the chance to create their own learning path.

Robert Meijeringh, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Improve Drop-Out Rates

University of Guelph

  • Economics class
  • Half of the students used Maple T.A., half were given traditional assignments
  • Students in the Maple T.A. group demonstrated better understanding
  • More students in the Maple T.A. group stated that they liked the course
  • Drop-out rates reduced by more than 10%

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Improve Drop-Out Rates

The lower drop-out rate and the quality of the students who dropped out indicate that students who used the Maple T.A. tests and assignments had a better understanding and grasp of the subject than the other students.

Dr. Sadanand, University of Guelph