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Student Purchase Model - Instructor Information

When you order Maple T.A.™ or the Maple T.A. MAA Placement Test Suite using the Student Purchase Model, Maplesoft™ sets up and grants you access to a server for your class. Your students purchase accounts on this server from the Maplesoft web store.

The process is as follows:

  1. When placing the order, you are asked for information about your class, such as the number of students and the start and end dates of the student access period.
  2. That information is passed on to the Maplesoft hosted server team, who may contact you to request further details, such as the course name and description to be used on the server. They will use this information to set up a class on a Maple T.A. or Placement Test server.
  3. Once the class is set up, the hosted server team sends you an email with a login, password, and the URL for your class. You will also receive a promotion code to pass on to your students. This promotion code is needed for the students to purchase accounts on site.
  4. The students visit the Maplesoft web store online and enter the promotion code. This code opens a page from which they can buy accounts on your server. Once the account is purchased, Maplesoft automatically sends the student an email containing the URL, a login and password, and a link to a Student FAQ page to help him or her get started.
  5. The first time a student logs into the system, he or she is required to provide his or her name and student number. This step associates the server login with the student’s information You do not need to know which student has which login – the built-in gradebook allows you to search and sort your data in various ways, including by student number and last name.