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MapleNet consists of three major components:

The MapleNet Server coordinates all the essential infrastructure software, including the general web server, math engines, content, and other databases. It includes a convenient administration system that facilitates easy system and user management, and supports the ability to distribute computations across multiple computers.

The MapleNet Publisher provides tools for developing MapleNet applications. A variety of approaches are supported.

  • Applications can be written in any language that supports integrated web services through the standard Web Services Description Language (WSDL), including .NET, JSP™, Perl, and PHP. Using this interface, mathematical services are accessible on your web site and from your desktop and mobile applications.
  • Maple users can create interactive technical documents in Maple and publish these documents directly to their MapleNet servers.
  • Maple programmers can develop interactive Maplet applications that can be accessed remotely through web browsers.
  • Experienced Java programmers can develop custom applets for use in web browsers.
  • Users familiar with creating HTML pages can add MapleNet JSP tags and insert Maple calculations and plots directly in their web pages.

The MapleNet Client is the environment or application that end users see and interact with. It could be a web browser, a stand-alone desktop application, or a mobile application. The end users do not need to know that the tool or environment they are using is connected to MapleNet and they do not need to install Maple.