Student Licensing and Distribution Options


Single User Licenses
Multi-User Licenses
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Student Licensing and Distribution Options

There are many ways to get Maple to your students.

Maplesoft offers a wide range of flexible student licensing options to suit your institution’s budget, infrastructure, and policies. Not only can you provide direct access to Maplesoft software on campus computers, but you can also ensure that students have easy access to the same software by taking advantage of one of the options below.

  • Virtualization. With a purchase of Virtualization, students can access Maplesoft software through a campus cloud, from their own computers, through flexible license key sharing using Citrix® software or similar systems, and more. Maplesoft’s flexible licensing can accommodate whichever virtualization method you choose.
  • Redistribution. You can purchase rights to redistribute Maplesoft products to your students directly. This option makes it easy to recoup costs from the students, if desired, since this method of distribution can be integrated with your existing cost recovery or fee collection programs.
  • Direct purchase by students. Students can purchase Maplesoft products directly from the Maplesoft web store or your campus bookstore. Fully functional software is available to students at a greatly reduced student price. For students whose instructors are members of the Maplesoft Adoption Program, even greater discounts are available.
  • MapleCloud. Through MapleCloud, instructors can create interactive Maple documents and then make them available to their students for use in a web browser or in the free Maple Player. Students do not require their own copy of Maple to interact with these Maple documents. Maple is required to create new documents and applications.
  • Other options. Maplesoft will be happy to work with you to find the best solution to meet the needs of your institution and your students.

Please contact us to discuss your student licensing options.