Differential Equations and Mathematical Functions: Research & Development Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest Updates to these Maple packages

Maple offers the most comprehensive software support available for differential equations and the only computer algebra handbook for mathematical functions available, the FunctionAdvisor, including an original wide-range network of routines to rewrite mathematical functions in terms of other functions when possible. Work is on-going at Maplesoft to continue to expand these capabilities, researching and implementing new algorithms and techniques to support all aspects of research and education in differential equations and mathematical functions.

These projects are led by Dr. Edgardo Cheb-Terrab, who is also responsible for the Maple Physics project .
The current version of Maple includes the latest official release of the Differential Equations packages (DEtools, PDEtools, DifferentialAlgebra and DifferentialGeometry) and Mathematical Functions, and improvements are ongoing. You can take advantage of this ongoing work by downloading the research version of these packages and functions as they are updated with improvements, fixes, and the very latest new developments. Please note that this research version may contain some experimental elements that will not be included in subsequent official releases.

Download the research version
Files updated on October 1, 2013

Note: A research version of the Maple Physics package is also available.

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Team Lead

Dr. Edgardo Cheb-Terrab
Research Fellow

Edgardo Cheb-Terrab received his Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, and went on to become the head of the Theoretical Physics department at the State University of Rio de Janeiro. In 1996 he moved to Canada, where he has been working for Maplesoft concurrent with periods at the University of Waterloo, University of British Columbia, and Simon Fraser University.

His main areas of interest are quantum field theory, general relativity and education. Early on, he saw the potential of using symbolic computation in these areas, which ultimately led him to develop many innovative algorithms in Maple to support both research and education. While physics was the inspiration, much of his research has broader applications. He is the main author of the world-leading ODE and PDE symbolic solvers in Maple as well as the ground-breaking Physics package. He also works in Maple in the areas of differential algebra, differential geometry and special functions.

Since 1998, Dr. Cheb-Terrab has been the Editor for Algebraic Manipulation for the journal Computer Physics Communications.