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Compare: Math Education

Maple was at the forefront of the movement to bring technology into mathematics education, and continues to be a leader today in technical education. Tools such as Maple, Maple e-books for mathematics and engineering education, MapleSim, and Maple T.A. bring the benefits of 25 years of mathematical software development to the classroom and into the hands of teachers and students.

Due to its long association with the academic market, Maplesoft has a unique understanding of the needs of educators and students. That understanding results in the on-going development and support of products and services for education and flexible licensing for academic institutions.

More than just the answer

Maple doesn't just provide answers to mathematical problems. With Maple, you can find solutions, visualize mathematical concepts, explore the effects of changing parameters, create assignments and reports, work through problems step-by-step, create applications, and more. And unlike numeric-based products, Maple is designed to do mathematics the way you think about mathematics, providing the power and flexibility of symbolic computation as well as numeric tools.

Maple includes not just calculation tools, but tools designed for learning mathematics, including specialized student packages and tutors for exploring concepts in calculus, precalculus, linear algebra, differential equations, and more. For problems such as integration, differentiation, and Gaussian elimination, you can ask Maple to find the answer with a click of a button, or you can use interactive tutors to work through the problems step-by-step, ask for hints, apply the rules yourself, or ask Maple to do the next step for you. Tutors frequently use 2-D and 3-D plots and animations, reinforcing concepts that are sometimes difficult to visualize. Examples include volumes and surfaces of revolution, eigenvector plots, Newton's method, gradients, space curves, conic sections, and DE plots.

Maple also provides documentation tools so you can turn your mathematical explorations and solutions into a fully documented report. It also includes a dictionary of mathematical terms, numerous task templates designed to solve problems commonly found in mathematics courses, point-and-click visualization tools, and a Student Portal which provides a single starting point to access all this power.

Clickable Math™ Lets You Focus on the Math, Not the Tool

Clickable Math, the idea of powerful mathematics delivered through very visual, interactive point-and-click methods, has launched a new generation of teaching and learning techniques in mathematics. The concept is simple: combine the legendary power of Maple software with a user environment that allows even novices to perform complex operations without knowing any commands or syntax. The result? You get all the rich benefits of Maple problem-solving, visualization, and document-processing with virtually no learning curve.

Maple's Clickable Math approach provides

  • Natural math notation used for entering problems and displaying solutions. Mathematical expressions are entered using palettes, an intuitive math editor, and keyboard shortcuts.
  • Smart, context-sensitive right-click menus for instant access to solvers and other command-free operations.
  • Interactive assistants that provide easy mechanisms to solve and explore advanced topics such as differential equation-solving, optimization, and advanced visualization.
  • A Maple Portal for Students, which acts as a guide for hundreds of common tasks from mathematics courses.
  • A built-in selection of interactive tutors that offer visual learning environments for many important math topics in precalculus, calculus, linear algebra, and more.

Education and Beyond

Maple is relevant throughout every stage of a technical career. It has the mathematical breadth and depth to handle any course involving mathematics, be it in math, science, or engineering, undergrad or graduate school. The same tool that helps with first year calculus remains highly relevant after graduation and into the workplace. Maple is used by large engineering firms, small high schools, leading-edge technology start-ups, university research labs–everywhere mathematics is used.

Resources and Community

Maple users are part of a world-wide community of people who do, teach, and learn mathematics. Users regularly share ideas, advice, and materials through a variety of community-driven resources, including the Maple Application Center, the Maple T.A. Content Center, and MaplePrimes discussion forums.

Maplesoft contributes to and provides the infrastructure for these community-based resources. In addition, Maplesoft provides additional resources for students and teachers:

  • The Teacher Resource Center provides sample applications, course material, training, and best practices. It includes a large collection of "Clickable Math" applications and demonstrations for problems taken from calculus, precalculus and other subjects.
  • The Student Help Center is designed to help students get the most out of their Maple experiences.
  • Maplesoft offers a wide range of flexible student licensing options to suit your institution’s budget, infrastructure, and policies

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