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Educational Techniques for the Next Generation of Engineers

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Because of time and resource constraints, students and instructors are often trapped in “learning to pass a course” instead of truly teaching or understanding the concepts. See how Maplesoft’s solutions can engage students in their course content, draw relevance to the real world and motivate “what if” thinking outside the classroom, all while reducing the burden on instructors. Provide students with an intuitive feel of mechanisms, controllers and circuits all while reinforcing the underlying physics details. This can enhance understanding, generate greater insights and motivate learning. During this webinar, education-focused applications of both Maple and MapleSim will be demonstrated. In addition, learn about how other universities are implementing our tools to enhance teaching. Together, Maple and MapleSim provide a new generation of engineering math and modeling tools that enrich your classroom and accelerate your research.

Please note that this video was filmed in a previous version of MapleSim.