The Online Courseware Revolution and the Potential for a “Global Classroom” - Maplesoft

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The Online Courseware Revolution and the Potential for a “Global Classroom”

Today’s students are digital natives. As more and more learning happens online, schools must provide online education options if they want to stay relevant and competitive. Most institutions encounter challenges in making a seamless transition to online education, especially with science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) courses. STEM courses require the courseware to provide interactivity, speed and ease of access so that the right balance between volume and quality of content is maintained.

This webinar discusses the growing trend towards online education, including the benefits and obstacles that come with shifting to an online delivery method for courses and educational materials, and how current tools are making this transition easier and more effective for institutions around the globe.

The University of Waterloo is at the forefront of the online education revolution, using modern education solutions, like Maplesoft’s online courseware environment Möbius, to create and deliver customized STEM courses to students all over the world. The Faculty of Mathematics at Waterloo currently delivers over 500 mathematics, statistics and computer science courses, 50 of which are offered online. Webinar attendees will hear how the University of Waterloo is approaching this evolution in education, the successful strategies they’ve implemented, and their objectives for the future.

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