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How Maple Compares to Mathematica®

Choosing between Maple™ and Mathematica®? On the surface, they appear to be very similar products. However, in the document below you’ll see numerous technical comparisons that show that Maple is much easier to use, has superior symbolic technology, and gives you better performance. 

These product differences are very important, but perhaps just as important are the differences between companies. Here are some key differences to keep in mind:

  • Maplesoft has a philosophy of openness and community which permeates everything we do. This openness is apparent in many ways, such as collaborations with experts in research labs around the world, an eagerness to form partnerships with other organizations, an adherence to international standards, connectivity to other software tools, and the visibility of the vast majority of Maple’s source code.

  • Maplesoft offers a solution for all your academic needs, including advanced tools for mathematics, engineering modeling, distance learning, and testing and assessment. By contrast, Wolfram Research has nothing to offer for automated testing and assessment, an area of vital importance to academic life. Even if you aren’t looking at assessment now, choosing Maple today will give you and your institution a valuable head-start later on.

Now on to the technical stuff! Read the How Maple Compares to Mathematica whitepaper for an in-depth comparison of these products.

Mathematica is a registered trademark of Wolfram Research, Inc.

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