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Vibrational Mechanics by Maple Practical Applications

Vibrational Mechanics by Maple Practical Applications

Authors: Professor Mansour Nikkhah Bahrami, Eng. Behzad Mohasel Afshari, and Professor Mohammad Khoshnevisan


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The book “Vibrational Mechanics by Maple Practical Applications” is designed to assist undergraduate and postgraduate students majoring in physics, mechanical engineering, electromechanical and aerospace engineering in acquiring a more thorough knowledge of vibrational mechanics using the Maple programming language. Maple® is a powerful mathematical software for solving complex problems in the field of vibration. This book contains all the Maple worksheets for problems and some animations for each chapter. This book consists of five chapters, comprising all problems that are solved by the Maple programming language, preceded by an introduction to dynamics and Maple programming. In Chapters 1 and 2, vibrational systems with one degree of freedom for free vibration and force conditions are surveyed, respectively. In Chapter 3, vibrational systems in transient conditions are explored. Vibrational systems with more than one degree of freedom are discussed in Chapter 4, and in Chapter 5, vibration for continuous systems is studied.
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Language: English
ISBN: 978-992-716-705-8
Publisher: Qatar University Press

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