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Arc Flash Calculation (IEEE 1584-2018)

: Maplesoft AuthorSamir Khan
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An arc flash is a violent eruption of heat and light caused by an electrical explosion. Arc flashes can seriously injure electricians, with fierce burns posing a significant risk to life. Other hazards include shrapnel and a pressure wave (often called an arc blast). This application determines the minimum safe working distance from an arc flash, following the empirical methodology presented in IEEE 1584 - 2018. Specifically, the application calculates the

  • intermediate average arcing current
  • arcing current variation factor
  • box size variation factor
  • incident energy - amount of thermal energy on a surface at a specific distance
  • arc flash boundary – the minimum distance from an arc flash to prevent 2nd degree burns

This is also available as a Maple Flow worksheet.

Application Details

Publish Date: March 09, 2021
Created In: Maple 2020
Language: English



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