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Analysis of a Refrigeration Cycle with CoolProp

: Maplesoft AuthorSamir Khan
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This application analyzes a vapor compression refrigeration cycle for the refrigerant R134a. The application calculates heat changes  over the compressor, condenser, throttle and evaporator, together with the coefficient of performance. Additionally, a P-h-T chart illustrating the refrigeration cycle is plotted.

Thermophysical properties are provided by the open source C++ CoolProp library ( Once compiled and linked to Maple, CoolProp lets you access the properties of pure fluids, pseudo-pure fluids, and humid air with a function call. This application comes with a CoolProp DLL for 64-bit Windows. You may need to compile CoolProp for your own environment for a compatible library. 

Application Details

Publish Date: January 17, 2014
Created In: Maple 17
Language: English

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