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Complex Analysis Project

: Dr. John Mathews
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Complex analysis Maple 12 worksheets to accompany the textbook: COMPLEX ANALYSIS: for Mathematics and Engineering, Fifth Edition, 2006 by John H. Mathews and Russell W. Howell ISBN: 0-7637-3748-8 Jones and Bartlett Pub. Inc.

Application Details

Publish Date: November 27, 2006
Created In: Maple 12
Language: English

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Section 1.5 The Algebra of Complex Numbers, Revisited
Section 1.1 The Origin of Complex Numbers
Section 1.3 The Geometry of Complex Numbers
Section 2.3 The Mappings w = z^n and w = z^`1/n`
Section 2.1 Functions of a Complex Variable
Section 2.4 Limits and Continuity
Section 1.4 The Geometry of Complex Numbers, Continued
Section 2.2 Transformations and Linear Mappings
Section 1.2 The Algebra of Complex Numbers
Section 1.6 The Topology of Complex Numbers
Section 2.6 The Reciprocal Transformation w = 1/z
Section 2.5 Branches of Functions